BabooBranding V2
Mobile UIBranding V2
Mobile UIBranding V2
Baboo LogoBranding V1
Nesting Doll IconsBranding V1
Branded Nesting DollBranding V1
Nesting Doll MascotBranding V1



Logos and branding for digital advertising platform Baboo. Baboo was an interactive social engine giving brands a new way to collect market research while building trust and intimacy with consumers.

Our patented process was designed around the “nesting doll” principle and collected low cost market intelligence driven by emotional engagement through each moment of think, feel and act. Users could access real and digital rewards by interacting with ads, answering questions, providing personal information, watching videos and more across multiple platforms.

We were seed funded and Incubated @ The Wharton School SF.

I served as the Art Director for Baboo during the company’s entire operation from 2010 – 2013.

Below is just a taste of the project’s branding. The original red branding was realized as an online web application which served nested ads for clients like Janis Joplin, Darren Criss, Thomas Gold, and Swedish House Mafia.

The second model of branding was developed as we pushed into mobile app integration but we failed to secure proper VC funding and the company dissolved.

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